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Practice Areas

Criminal Defense
Part A and Part B Cases

- New London, Norwich, Danielson -

I represent clients in both serious felony cases at Superior Court as well as misdemeanor and less serious felonies in the G.A. 


Removal Defense

Family Immigration

Temporary Protected Status


Green Card Renewal

Advanced Parole

Immigration is a very specialized area of law. My experience is in both removal defense for those placed into removal/deportation proceedings, family based immigration (petitions based on family relationships and finance visas), and other immigration needs (citizenship, green card renewal, Temporary Protected Status, Advanced Parole, etc.)

I have worked with clients from all over the world. 

Juvenile Law

Child Protection


-Waterford and Willimantic Juvenile Courts -

I represent children and parents in child protection matters. When the Department of Children and Families becomes involved with families they can file petitions in Juvenile Court alleging abuse or neglect of the child(ren). It is important that parents get representation to protect their rights. 


I also represent youth who are charged with committing crimes in Juvenile Court.  



Name Changes

Special Immigration Juvenile Special Findings

There are a number of different things you can do in probate. If a child needs a transfer of guardianship or Special Findings in order to apply for a Special Juvenile Immigrant Visa, probate court can be the venue for such actions. You can also have your legal name changed. 

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